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A Premium Masterpiece composite Front Door offers full customization including: SHAPE – SIZE – PREHUNG UNITS – DESIGN STYLES – ARTISAN GLASS CHOICES – A WIDE VARIETY OF WOOD GRAIN AND BRONZE FINISHES

All doors come with a 10 Year Limited Operational Warranty against Rotting, Warping, Cracking, Splitting and Rusting. Responsibly made in USA from Recycled material.
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Classic French Front Door featuring a Dark Double Rounded Composite Wood Door with Winterlake Glass and Emtek Locksets
Classic French
Modern French Door featuring a White Double Rectangular Composite Wood Door with German Antique Glass and Side Lights
Modern French
Modern French Door Farmhouse Door featuring a White Double Rectangular Composite Wood Door with Privacy Glass and farmhouse
Modern Farmhouse
Almaria Front Door featuring a Dark Double Rectangular Composite Iron Wood Door with Transom Monumental Glass Emtek Locksets
Iron Style
Rustic Door featuring a Dark Single Rounded Composite Iron Wood Door with No Glass Square Pattern and Emtek Locksets

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Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technology Is Used To Perfectly Sculpt and Craft the Exact Design and Dimensions of Your Personalized Door.


Not Sure What You Want Your New Door To Look Like? No Problem! We've been doing This for over 50 years and have learned a few things.


Our Composite Doors Are The Perfect Material For Endurance and Design, Allowing An Ideal Surface To Customize The Look And Feel Of Your Door.

The Right Choice For You And Your Home.

What are the benefits of a Masterpiece Composite Front Door?

Our unique material and construction process is aimed at solving the pitfalls of iron, wood, and fiberglass doors while maintaining all the positive aspects of each. Not only is a Masterpiece Door a better overall design and material, it can also be fully customized and made to each customer’s specifications. This includes size, shape, design, style, fit, and accessories such as glass, locksets, and finish.

    • Our doors are warp resistant, and cannot rot or rust even if the finish has been compromised.  
    • Our signatures finishes re-create the beautiful grains of real wood or the metallic lustre of real iron doors.
    • Our doors provide excellent energy efficiency.
    • Our doors are constructed from environmentally friendly, recycled materials.

What is the difference between a Composite, Wood, Iron and Fiberglass Front Door?

Iron Doors

    • Most “iron doors” are actually made from steel, meaning any loss of paint will result in the formation of rust, which is costly and difficult to repair and re-finish.
    • Iron Doors have very poor thermal insulation, and issues with hot and cold temperature transfer.  In summer months, they can be dangerously hot to the touch, and in winter months, it is not uncommon for precipitation conditions to form ice on the interior side of the door. This will ultimately leading to water damage on hardwood flooring.
    • Iron doors are extremely heavy, which can put excess stress on the foundation of the home and can potentially cause cracks and structural issues.

Wood Doors

    • Solid mahogany wood has long been regarded as the material of choice for high end entry doors, but requires frequent and costly re-finishing, especially if the door is exposed to direct sun.
    • Another pitfall of real wood is the propensity for rotting, warping, cracking, and splitting, leading to the complete loss of the customer’s investment.
    • Mahogany doors contribute to deforestation and rain forest habitat loss.

Fiberglass Doors

    • Fiberglass boasts a more efficient and longer lasting door than wood, but cannot be modified or it’s design customized to fit your home, making single to double door conversions next to impossible.
    • Fiberglass/Composite hybrid doors are often hollow with only a thin skin of composite leaving them feeling lightweight, cheap in quality, and prone to dent dinging.
    • Fiberglass door finishes do not maintain their coloration well under prolonged UV sun exposure.  For example, a mahogany finish can often take on an orange cast.

What exactly is a Masterpiece "Composite" Front Door made of?

A Masterpiece Composite Front Door is made from a material unique from all other door materials on the market. Our composite is comprised of a mixture of recycled hardwood fibers, phenolic resins, and zinc borate with no added urea formaldehyde. The solid substrate construction of the material ensures excellent performance in high humidity environments, all while contributing to industry green building programs.

Many consumers are familiar with other composite exterior building materials used in decking, handrails, siding…etc.  We are enjoying an era of very low maintenance composite products applied throughout the building trades.  Masterpiece Doors composite material is no different, it is the premium, innovative substrate that is used in many exterior applications for the benefits of durability, insect repellent, waterproof, machinability and finishing/painting.

Internationally, composite refers to fiberglass.  In the US, composite refers to these solid substrates.  Now, giving the weight and feel of a real solid wood door without any of the negative aspects of real wood.

A Message from the Owner...

“We greatly appreciate the investment of your time to view our website and our products to learn more about our ability to creatively produce your dream door for your dream home. We proudly offer all of our products and materials to be American sourced and American made.”

-David Clymer, Founder/Owner since 1971

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