Wood Doors vs. Composite Doors

WOOD ENTRY DOORS have long been a popular choice for homeowners due to their natural charm and aesthetic appeal. However, they come with certain drawbacks that make composite doors a superior alternative. One of the main issues with wood doors is their susceptibility to weathering and decay over time, especially when exposed to harsh elements like rain, snow, and sunlight. This can lead to warping, rotting, and a need for regular maintenance, including sanding, staining, and sealing. Additionally, wood doors can be vulnerable to termites and other pests, further compromising their longevity and structural integrity.

COMPOSITE ENTRY DOORS, however, are crafted from a combination of materials, such as fiberglass and wood fibers, making them more resistant to weather-related damage and insect infestations. They offer exceptional durability, require minimal upkeep, and can withstand the test of time while still providing the same elegant appearance as traditional wood doors.

At Masterpiece Doors, we use composite material and hand-craft every door 100% made in the USA.  These doors are weatherproof and are guaranteed to never Rot, Warp, Rust, Split or Crack.  We take pride and what we do and believe in the exception quality that these doors offer which is why we offer the best warranty in the business!  Unlike other doors, all our doors are fully customizable from Shape, Size, Style, Design and Finish to guarantee the perfect fit and aesthetic you are going for!

All our Custom Doors can be fully customized including any Size, Shape, Style and Design!

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