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Taller Doors Are Trending

The single most stunning remodeling project that can be done to a home is to change the old standard height single Front Entry Door and pair of narrow sidelights and little transom window across the top to a pair of taller double doors that fill the exact same perimeter space....

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Out with Old.. In with the New

As trends change, the demand for our doors increases. Of course, we replace rotten and weathered entry door units all the time but more and more we are replacing old school leaded glass and even wrought iron style doors. Here is an example of a job we did recently where...

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Why Custom? A Tale Of 3 Customers

Story 1 Sometimes you have a special need that demands a custom solution. This customer ordered a relatively simple door but already had some very expensive plantation shutters installed on her old door. Nothing on the standard door market would fit her door size and her shutter size. Of course,...

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And the Times..They are a Changin’: Architecture and Front Door Trends

Since the 1800’s, the world of architecture has seen numerous trends come and go; like all fashions, architectural elements change. Now, because of the internet and great formats like Houzz and Pinterest, how frequently they change and how they change has become a revolution. Here is a history of architectural...

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Smoltz Home Transformation

The Smoltz’s home has very unique situation. From the outside, it looks like a 2 story home with a transom but notice the transom has no glass! That’s because it’s a faux transom covering a solid wall. You can see from the interior. It’s a typical 8’ double door. Since...

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Our Adoption of Solid Exterior Composite Products To Make Our Fabulous Doors

Since 1971, we have been making custom entry doors from wood. We mostly used Honduras Mahogany because of its wonderful durability and beautiful grain. During the 70’s and 80’s, the demand for decorative entry doors was also related to the popularity of leaded/stained and beveled glass, which we also handmade....

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