Composite Iron Door Style

The Iron Door has become extremely popular over the past 15 years.  We realized quickly that we could replicated the look of these doors using our solid composite technology.  We have actually developed a superior door, our doors do not have some of the notorious problems of the traditional iron entry doors

It's Clear! Our Iron Style Composite Doors are the better choice!

Wrought Iron Door

  • All Iron Doors WILL RUST. That is a fact.

  • Iron doors do not have a thermal break, meaning, the transfer of extreme temperatures on the exterior will wrap around to the interior. Customers have called us with many complaints from their previously installed iron doors showing extreme temperatures in their interior. This difference CAN BURN HANDS OR FREEZE THE INTERIOR of the doorface causing damage to the floor as the ice defrosts and drips to the hardwood.

  • SIGNIFICANT EXPANSION AND CONTRACTION: Almost no metal expands or contracts as much as steel does, thus creating weather seal problems during extreme temperatures.

  • Iron Doors are EXTREMELY HEAVY. They must be installed in multiple sections, however, if an iron door is slammed, it can damage the home by dislodging stone, brick, stucco…etc

  • All iron doors are manufactured in China. The company that you might consider purchasing them from must rely on CHINA MANUFACTURING STANDARDS, which, to be frank, are a joke compared to American standards and often times even include lead in the paint!

  • Iron Doors Are VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE!

Composite Iron Style Door

  • Since our doors contain no iron or steel, they will NEVER RUST. Even our Clavos are composite.

  • Our doors are a solid material R18 ENERGY EFFICIENT RATING, not allowing any transfer of temperature to the interior, hot or cold. Our doors remain consistent with the interior controlled temperature, while it may be hot or cold outside.

  • Our doors have ZERO EXPANSION AND CONTRACTION, so a tight fit against the weatherstripping is always maintained throughout the year.

  • Our doors are solid and heavy, but ONLY WEIGH AS MUCH AS A SOLID OAK DOOR. They have a smooth, heavy operation for securing a normal lockset in a normal kerfed weatherstrip jamb. Our doors have the “Mercedes” feel.

  • Our finishing products are applied to AMERICAN MANUFACTURING STANDARDS, protecting the environment with low or no VOC’s. The finishes are repeatable, should there be a need for touch up, repair, refinishing…etc

  • Our Doors Are Much More REASONABLY PRICED!
    Better Door, Better Price = Value.

Every door can be Fully Custom (any Shape, Size and Design) and comes with a 10 Year Warranty against Rotting, Warping, Splitting, Cracking and Rust! Click Here To Contact Us!

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