Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Masterpiece Doors

A Masterpiece Composite Door’s material is unique from all other door materials on the market. Our composite is comprised of a mixture of recycled hardwood fibers, phenolic resins, and zinc borate with no added urea formaldehyde. The solid substrate construction of the material ensures excellent performance in high humidity environments all while contributing to industry green building programs. Unlike other competitors “composite” doors, a Masterpiece Composite Door’s main ingredient is hardwood fiber giving it the weight and feel of real solid wood door without any of the negative aspects of real wood. Our doors are 100% solid composite where many inferior composite doors are only skinned in composite with a hollow fiberglass core.
Iron Doors
  • Most “iron doors” are actually made from steel, meaning any loss of paint will result the formation of rust, which is costly and difficult to repair and refinish.
  • Iron Doors have very poor thermal insulation, where they can become dangerously hot during the summer. In winter, it is not uncommon for humidity to condense forming ice on the inside of the door. This will ultimately leading to water damage on hardwood flooring.
Wood Doors
  • Solid mahogany wood has long been regarded as the material of choice for high end entry doors but requires frequent refinishing, especially if door is exposed to direct sun.
  • Another pitfall of real wood is the potential for rot, leading to the loss of security and a efficiency.
  • Mahogany doors contribute to deforestation and rain forest habitat loss.
Fiberglass Doors
  • Fiberglass boasts a more efficient and longer lasting door than wood but cannot be modified or it’s design customized to fit your home, making single to double door conversions next to impossible.
  • Fiberglass/Composite hybrid doors are often hollow with only a thin skin of composite leaving them feeling lightweight and cheap in quality.
Masterpiece Composite Door Our unique material and construction process is aimed to solving the pitfalls of iron, wood, and fiberglass doors while maintaining all of the positive aspects of each.
  • Our doors cannot warp, rot or rust even if the finish has been damaged.
  • Our Signature Finishes recreate the beautiful grains of real wood or the metallic finish of real iron doors.
  • They provide excellent energy efficiency.
  • They are constructed from environmentally friendly, recycled materials.
A Masterpiece Composite Door’s material is unique from all other door materials on the market. Our main ingredient is hardwood fiber giving the doors the weight and feel of hefty solid wood door without any of the negative aspects of real wood. Unlike other Doors that layer a hollow a fiberglass door with Styrofoam, our doors are 100% solid composite through and through providing a solid, weatheproof door. All our doors are custom made to order and include a pre-hung unit to ensure a perfect seal and fit, providing a high quality functioning door. Because each door is unique, prices vary. Please call or email us to get a quick quote!
No. We respect the need for dealers to represent standard door products, but our products are custom made to order and necessitate a close relationship working directly with homeowner and their contractor or designer.
LOCAL Yes! We are located at 1010 Nine North Dr. – Alpharetta – Georgia – 30004 . Our showroom is open to the public from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday – Friday, and by appointment on Saturday, Eastern time. If you plan to visit us from out of town please make an appointment, so we may help you with directions. Most importantly, we want to be available to you and give you our undivided attention. OUT OF TOWN To our out of town guests, we are proud to offer Live Showroom Tours through FACETIME (iPhone or other apple devices), SKYPE (Microsoft Devices, PC, Androids…etc) and GOOGLE DUO (Googles Version of Video Chat). Just call us at (678) 894-1450 and we will be more than happy to set up a showing immediately!
Local customers will have their orders picked up by local installation contractors. Out of state orders are crated in wood crates, banded to custom pallets and shipped through common carriers. All orders are different so freight charges are always different. After your order is palletized and weighed, we negotiate the best freight rate for you using Federal Express Freight or FreightQuote. Com. Using, freight companies bid against each other to compete for your freight order. Once this quote has been negotiated you will pay directly. We do not mark-up any freight charges.
Only if you are a Georgia Customer. All other customers do not pay state sales tax, which often offsets a good portion of the cost of the freight.
Because our doors are custom built and made to order, our standard lead time varies based on the complexity of the door, design and finish. Please call and ask about our lead time to get the most up-to-date information.
Absolutely. There will be additional charges based on the project specifications. Contact our sales department for more information.
Yes, we have a 10 Year Warranty, and it is the best warranty in the door business. When comparing other company’s warranties to ours, keep in mind these unique factors:
  • Our Warranty offers a guarantee against rotting, splitting, cracking, and rusting- the common maintenance issues associated with wood and iron doors.
  • We do not have an “Overhang” requirement that almost ALL door manufacturers have and most customers cannot comply with. Homes with full sun exposure and no front porch or portico can purchase Masterpiece door products with confidence.
Our Warranty offers coverage with some limitations on oversize products and these types of products are completely excluded by other company’s warranties.
A prehung unit is a door frame that has been built precisely to the customer’s specifications. Including: pre-installed ball bearing hinges, Exterior Molding, Interior Molding, door jamb legs and header assembled, threshold and weatherstripping installed, and cylinder lockset bore prep. A complete assembled ready to install door system. We hand build and test fit every door unit we sell. When shipping, we crate the assembled unit in a separate crate. Many other companies sell their doors as “slabs” (door only – no frame at all) or KD, which stands for Knock-Down which means that the door unit is unassembled and must be assembled by the contractor on site. And some companies offer a “Jamb Kit” which is little more than a bundle of moldings that have not been prepared at all for your door. The precision and quality of the door frame (pre-hung unit) is essential to a great installation and performance of your new door. Don’t be fooled by anything but a complete assembled prehung unit made specifically for your door! Plus, if you order a Frame and Trim Finish on your Jamb, we finish it after the Jamb assembly, which makes it look like a piece of fine furniture, instead of having cracks in the mitered corners and where the exterior trim has been attached.

Anatomy of a Door

Here’s a breakdown of all the parts that make up a door.

Anatomy of a Door Frame

Here’s a breakdown of all the parts that make up a door.

What To Expect When Shipped

Our Masterpiece Doors are carefully shipped with custom, hand built crates to ensure a safe journey.  Depending on the door(s), these crates can get large and require a forklift for transportation.  Here is a picture of the fine packaging you can expect from Masterpiece Doors.