Masterpiece Weather Resistant Finishes


Upgrade your door to one of our exclusive 7-layer Weather Resistant Finishes. The combination of our protective outer coatings and waterproof composite material result in a finish that will far exceed the lifespan of a traditional stained and urethaned wood door. We offer this unique finishing process in Smooth & Rustic Distressed Mahogany, Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Black Ebony and Vintage Spruce. Your composite door can also be finished to look and feel just like a bronze door with our Weathered & Antique Bronze finishes.

Smooth Mahogany

Smooth Brazilian Cherry

Smooth Walnut

Smooth Black Ebony

Distressed Mahogany

Distressed Brazilian Cherry

Distressed Walnut

Distressed Black Ebony

Weathered Bronze

Antique Bronze

Natural Bronze