Door Locksets

     When it comes to Door Locksets, we highly recommend The Emtek Company.  Emtek has been around for over 40 years and makes a very high quality, sturdy lock and handle.  The Emtek company works exclusively with manufacturers and dealers which means you cannot get them off the shelf at retail.  If you choose not to go with the door locksets we provide, we are more than happy to drill out standard cylinder holes so you can install the locksets you prefer.

Brass Door Locksets

Locksets with a smoother, sleeker, and more refined feel to the metal. Designs range from traditional to contemporary to Arts & Crafts.

Bronze Door Locksets

Door Locksets with a heavier and more rustic feel to the metal. Designs range from traditional to contemporary.

Brighton Door Locksets


Greeley Door Locksets




San Carlos


Art Nouveau


Door Accessories

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What is a Masterpiece Composite Door?

A Masterpiece Composite Door’s material is unique from all other door materials on the market. Our composite is comprised of a mixture of recycled hardwood fibers, phenolic resins, and zinc borate with no added urea formaldehyde. The solid substrate construction of the material ensures excellent performance in high humidity environments all while contributing to industry green building programs. Unlike other competitors “composite” doors, a Masterpiece Composite Door’s main ingredient is hardwood fiber giving it the weight and feel of real solid wood door without any of the negative aspects of real wood. Our doors are 100% solid composite where many inferior composite doors are only skinned in composite with a hollow fiberglass core.