1. Limited Warranty for All Products

All doors manufactured by Masterpiece Doors (except those doors expressly excluded from this warranty) are  under warranty by Masterpiece Doors  or (5) years against rotting, cracking, rusting, and warping. Refunds and  replacements will be pro-rated on the basis of a 5 Year span according to the length of time the customer has used the product.

Finishes are warrantied against manufacturing defects; they are not warrantied against natural weathering or mishandling or customer/pet normal use or abuse.

Masterpiece Doors does not take responsibility for a client providing incorrect docu-signed dimensions and specifications, or if the client decides they do not like the selections they have made after their custom order has been produced. We can only fabricate what the docu-signed order specifies we are to produce.

All products manufactured or supplied by Masterpiece Doors are to be of good material and workmanship and to be free from defects at the time of shipment or delivery that would render them unserviceable or unfit for the ordinary purposes for which they are recommended.

This warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the products at the original site of installation. This warranty is non-transferable. Masterpiece Doors reserves the right to amend the warranty at any time.

2. Limited Warranty for Doors

    1. Pre-hung Units that have been installed out of square, out of plumb, not level, and out of perfect correct alignment are not covered by this warranty. For proper fit of the doors, a door frame must be installed true, plumb, level, flush, and square. A frame installed out of square can make the active door appear to be warped. Replacing the door will not correct this problem. Slab doors hung into existing frames are excluded from this warranty.
    2. Warp shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds ¼” in the plane of the door itself on the hinge side of a 6’8” entry door when closed and 3/8” in the plane of the door itself on the hinge side of an 8’0” entry door. Warp is any distortion in the door itself, and does not refer to the relation of the door to the frame or jamb in which it is hung. For any warranty claim involving warp, Masterpiece Doors shall be allowed to defer action on repair or replacement for a period of up to one year from the date of the claim/and or installation, so as to allow the door to adjust to normal conditioning and equalization to the temperature and humidity environment in which it has been placed.
    3. Masterpiece Doors applies a proprietary concave bow in all doors as a manufacturing technique to assist the door in closing as flush as possible at the top of doors. Doors will bow into the jamb. It is normal for doors not to be flat when applying a level or string to the door due to this technique.
    4. Doors can sometimes appear to change in fit and function in extreme cold weather temperatures. When more moderate temperatures prevail, doors can climatize, and return to normal. Masterpiece Doors will always allow a seasonal adjustment period before making a determination on a cold weather claim.
    5. Masterpiece Doors are outfitted with compression weather stripping for the purpose of energy efficiency. Doors will require a purposeful close, not a fingertip close, particularly when the units are very new, and when weather conditions are cold. Over time and with repeated use, the weather stripping will relax, soften, and not be as stiff as when it is first installed, and the doors will close with less effort.
    6. Doors that have been installed in conjunction with exterior glass storm doors are not covered by this warranty, due to the excessive heat build-up or “greenhouse effect” this causes. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of the glass lites in our doors are sufficient that this is never necessary.
    7. This warranty does not apply to defects or blemishes to the door or finish caused by normal wear and tear, client or pet use or abuse or neglect or mishandling, accidents or intentional damage, vandalism, pressure washing or use of abrasive or surfactant containing cleaning materials, allowing sprinkler systems or other water sources to contact the door, or acts of nature such as fires, floods, hail, lightning, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, building settlement or structural failure, mold or mildew, chemical pollutants, wildlife damage, or any other cause beyond the control of Masterpiece Doors.
    8. Imperfections in the appearance of the surface finish of our doors or glass will not be considered a defect unless suspected defects are visible from a distance of 6 feet away.
    9. Natural variations in the appearance of hand applied finishes or variations in appearance of textured glass will not be considered a defect. Every piece of hand rolled textured glass is different and may feature varying characteristics such as bubbles, striations, or roughness in the surface. Glacier glass may have a very slight, almost imperceptible hazy appearance on the high ridge dimpled areas that is not to be considered a defect.
    10. Masterpiece Door finishes are not under warranty. Gradual weathering of exterior finishes is to be expected. Finishes on exterior doors and door frames should be maintained by periodically reapplying our exterior clear coat or rejuvenation products. The decision to apply this maintenance finish is the responsibility of the customer, and the need or desire for this will vary based upon the exposure of the door to natural elements and the severity of the natural elements.
    11. Doors and Door Units sold as primed only must be finished prior to installation or within 24 hours of installation to avoid the warranty being voided. Proof of finish painting must be provided to make a warranty claim on primed doors or units. Proof must include a time stamped email sent to Masterpiece Doors showing a close up photo of your finished door and unit.
    12. This warranty does not cover radius top doors for a less than flush close at the top, and does not cover doors that are taller than 96” or wider than 42” for fit or function. Upgrading to double surface bolts is recommended on all doors taller than 96” and all radius top double doors.

M. This warranty does not cover doors without adequate roof overhang. Roof overhang should use the formula: X > ½ Y where X is the length of the overhang required and Y is the distance from the bottom of the door to the base of the overhang.

N. Masterpiece Doors does not warranty glass breakages under any circumstances.

O. Masterpiece Doors does not warranty steel hinges not to rust. This can be a particular issue for customers in high humidity areas, or with homes located around bodies of water, or on new construction sites without climate control. An upgrade to solid brass plain bearing hinges that will never rust is recommended.

P. Carriage Levers, Door Knockers, Nail Heads, and Clavos (and any other steel accessories) on doors are powder-coated to retard rust, but will eventually rust depending on environmental conditions, as all
steel products will do, and may require re-painting, and are not covered under the Masterpiece Warranty.

Q. Masterpiece Doors are not wind rated and are not approved for use in hurricane zones. We recommend installing hurricane approved Shutter Systems in front of our entry doors.

R. Threshold Nosing, Door Sweeps, Entry Door Weather Stripping, and Garage Door Weatherstripping may need to be replaced from time to time due to normal wear and tear, or damage from improper installation, or acts of nature, and are not covered under the Masterpiece Warranty.

These items can be procured at the following links:

Threshold Nosing or Top Strip (top dark brown vinyl strip): Call Masterpiece Doors Customer Service

Entry Door Sweeps:

Entry Door Weather Stripping: Weatherstrip-Kerf-Door-Seal-DS8B-25/100158291

Garage Door Weather Stripping:

Finish Top Coating Rejuvenation: (Instructions are available for wood finishes)
Finish Rejuvenation materials may be purchased or ordered from any Ben Moore paint dealer:

• For Masterpiece Mahogany Finishes: Purchase General Finishes Brown Mahogany Oil Based Gel Stain
• For Masterpiece Walnut Finishes: Purchase General Finishes Java Oil Based Gel Stain
• For Masterpiece Black Ebony Finishes: Purchase General Finishes Black Oil Based Gel Stain
• For Masterpiece Vintage Rosewood Finishes: Purchase General Finishes Georgian Cherry Oil Based Gel Stain
• For Masterpiece English Chestnut Finishes: Purchase General Finishes Brazilian Cherry Oil Based Gel Stain
• For Masterpiece Beech Finish: Purchase General Finishes Antique Walnut Oil Based Gel Stain
• For Masterpiece Bronze Finishes: Purchase a metallic bronze paint of your choice
• For Masterpiece Top Coat: Purchase General Finishes Flat 450 Clear Coat (Stir Well)

Note: Rejuvenation top coating finishes will not match earlier finishes, but they will blend.

3. Limited Warranty for Emtek Locksets

a. Emtek offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship to the original user.
b. Emtek Warranties on lockset finishes vary according to the finish selected.
c. Labor charges to service Emtek locksets are not included.
d. Masterpiece Doors will refer all warranty issues involving locksets to Emtek. Details on the Emtek warranty can be reviewed at Masterpiece Doors cannot alter the terms of the Emtek Warranty.

4. Limited Warranty for Insulated Glass

Masterpiece Doors warrants that door and window insulated glass units will be free from air condensation for (3) years (pro-rated) from the date of shipment or delivery under the following conditions:

    1. The sealant has not been punctured or otherwise damaged to break the seal.
    2. The glass unit has not been exposed to chemicals, muriatic acid brick wash, inappropriate cleaning agents that contain any surfactants, solvents, ammonia or products not compatible with Super Spacer tm. Brand products.
    3. The glass unit does not show signs of improper handling or installation by the customer.
    4. The failure of the seal has not been caused by acts of nature, such as fires, storms, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, wildlife, etc.
    5. The failure of the seal and resulting condensation in the glass stays consistent, and does not change as humidity or temperature patterns change. Window condensation can be temporary; and be seen after quick changes in temperature, or at the beginning of each heating season.
    6. The glass unit does not include Low e glass or Impact glass as one of the components.
    7. The glass unit has not had secondary film applied.
    8. The glass unit has not been affected by settlement of the building structure or structural defects in the building in which the unit is installed.
    9. The glass unit is not installed in an environment where indoor humidity is allowed to exceed 40%.
    10. The glass unit has not been covered by window shades, curtains, or other window coverings in a manner that will trap excessive heat against the window surface. This is known as the “greenhouse effect,” and similar to the installation of a storm door, can cause the window seal to fail.

Masterpiece Doors’ obligation under this warranty shall be limited to, at its option and expense, to repair or replace only the defective insulated glass which is determined to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use and service. Labor to replace the glass lite is not included, however, procedural instructions will be provided, and should be followed to maintain the overall product warranty. Expenses for delivery and/or freight to ship replacement glass lites are not included in the Warranty.

5. Limited Warranty for Installation Services

Door, Window, and Shutter Installation provided by Masterpiece Doors installation teams is warrantied for 30 Days for proper fit and function. Masterpiece Doors will charge a service call fee for adjustments beyond the 30 Day time frame, and if necessary, will provide an estimate for repairs.

As time goes by, there can be usage issues, wear and tear issues, house settlement, customer/ pet abuse issues, and home maintenance issues associated with your products, and these are not included in your 5 Year Product Warranty. Some of the more common examples of these type of things would be:

    1. Caulking
    2. Water leakage from an above gutter or roof gable that ends up coming out around the edges of
      the entry door or frame that can affect the door fitment or door finish
    3. Door sweep replacement (the vinyl strip on the bottom of the door)
    4. Weather stripping replacement (the vinyl strips around the jamb and down the T-astragal)
    5. Locksets needing adjustment or graphite lubricant to maintain good mechanical operations
    6. Products that need cleaning (see our Product Care Brochure on our website)
    7. Fitment adjustments: As seasons and temperatures change, especially when there are rapid fluctuations, you may find that the wood stud framing of your home contracts and expands, and since your entry jamb has been fastened to your stud opening, the fit of your entry Doors may change slightly, and will have to climatize. You may also find that your doors may need fine tuning adjustments depending on usage, wear and tear, or house settlement.
    8. Door finishes that need touch up, rejuvenation, repair, or refinish
    9. Lockset finishes that need maintenance, refer to
    10. Customer /pet abuse, such as door slamming, pet scratching, etc.

Masterpiece Doors does not offer routine home maintenance services, and recommends a handyman for the above type service work. Please refer to the Product Care and Maintenance brochure for additional information, or call Customer Service regarding how to order door replacement parts.

6. Masterpiece Doors Overall Warranty Exclusion

    1. Masterpiece Doors shall not be liable for consequential, indirect, or incidental damages of any nature including, without limitation, labor cost of any kind arising from or in connection with an alleged breach of any warranty, including negligence on the part the customer.
    2. Masterpiece Doors shall not be liable under any circumstances for any amount in excess of the price paid to Masterpiece Doors for a product or service.
    3. Masterpiece Doors shall not be liable for freight damage to products. All delivered goods must be inspected within 5 days to qualify for utilizing freight insurance and it is the client’s responsibility to place a freight claim with their carrier, and the client must agree to follow their carrier’s claim protocols.
    4. Masterpiece Doors will not warrant any product claim to any customer with an outstanding balance for payment due to Masterpiece Doors or to any freight broker, freight carrier, or delivery service.
    5. Masterpiece Doors warranty is based on our products meeting or exceeding industry quality standards, being free from defects, and made to the approved docu-signed specifications and dimensions. Masterpiece Doors will not accept a warranty claim if the Docu-signed dimensions and specifications provided are incorrect or if the client decides they do not like the selections they have made after the order has been produced.
    6. Masterpiece Doors will not warrant any products installed with modifications or alternations of any kind.
    7. Units installed with freight damage are not eligible for freight claims. Units installed with manufacturing errors are not eligible for return to Masterpiece Doors. Proceeding to install the unit is considered your acceptance of the Unit “as is”.
    8. In no event shall Masterpiece Doors pay for the cost of shipping, labor, removal, installation, other contract work, or painting/ finishing associated with replacement products.
    9. In no event shall Masterpiece Doors pay for charges incurred from modifications made to our products unless made with prior written consent.

7. Conditions and Remedies for Defective Products or Workmanship

If a door or other product is found to be defective, Masterpiece Doors will, at its option, either:
Repair, Replace, or Refund, once the products are returned in the original condition they were shipped to the client, subject to this pro-rated warranty. Freight charges to return products to Masterpiece Doors will be the responsibility of the client. The client will also be responsible for properly crating products for return at their expense. All claims for refunds or repairs must follow the guidelines set forth in “Masterpiece Doors Return Authorization.”

Clients may not return any products without formal authorization of their claim by Masterpiece Doors in writing. If a customer decides to hire others to repair, accessorize, adjust or replace any portion of Masterpiece products on their own, NO compensation will be forthcoming from Masterpiece Doors, and the Masterpiece Doors warranty will be void.

Once a claim has been accepted for repair or Refund/Return, Masterpiece Doors reserves the right to withdraw the Claim Authorization and deny the claim if:

    1. The product is received in damaged condition due to improper return packaging/crating, making it impossible to place an acceptable freight claim with the Carrier.
    2. There has been a misrepresentation of the complaint by the client and our assessment of the problem disagrees with the client’s assessment. Claims not complying with the conditions of this warranty will be denied. Denied claims and all expenses relating to the return of the products will be the responsibility of the client.
    3. Masterpiece products have been abused or neglected during the time the client had possession of them.
    4. The client does not proceed with the Claim Authorization Instructions within a 30-day period from the time the claim was approved.

After we receive your door and have evaluated it, if your claim

Important Legal Information

No distributor, dealer, contractor, designer, employee, manager, or representative of Masterpiece Doors, Inc. has the authority to change, modify, or expand this warranty.

Any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or relating to this warranty, any alleged breach thereof, or the use or sale of the products to which this warranty applies shall be resolved in the venue of Forsyth County, Georgia. This warranty shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Georgia. If any provision of this warranty is deemed illegal or unenforceable in a judicial proceeding, that provision shall be severed and excluded, and the remainder of this warranty shall continue in force.

The original purchaser of Masterpiece Door products acknowledges that they have read this warranty, understand it, agree with it, and are bound by its terms.